Jeff Kaminker
CEO, Frontwater Capital.

"As the table shows, our options overlay balanced portfolio over the last eight years has been outstanding. Not only have wealthy investors benefitted from our stellar stock picks but also from our prudent risk management oversight.


At Frontwater, we understand that investors want a balance of risk and return. Incredibly, we have shown an ability to deliver on both.


Protecting portfolios with 'put' options insurance is a strategy we have written about many times in our newsletter. Buying put options enables us to stay fully vested while ensuring hedges are in place in case the market crashes. Technically, put options is an added cost to the portfolio. But layering on puts at optimal times can actually create alpha for the portfolios.


For investors wanting a boutique investment experience, Frontwater Capital is the recognized leader."



* Performance figures shown above are a composite return after all fees and expenses, for a representative sample of all paying accounts managed by Frontwater Capital that during each period incorporate option strategies as part of their overall investment objective and include the return on all assets in those accounts calculated as if all the assets had been pooled in one account and converted to Canadian currency. Results for individual accounts will vary widely depending inter alia on the actual securities held in each individual account, the objectives of the account owner and the date at which the account was opened. Comparisons to the TSX Composite index are made for reference only and do not reflect the objectives of compositions of any or all accounts. Past performance is not indicative of future performance and no representation, express or implied, is made that individual accounts in future years will achieve similar results.