Investment Philosophy

We are driven by the desire to constantly find new investment opportunities and innovative ways to generate returns for our clients. A passion for the stock market and a thirst for the latest industry trends underscore our success as market specialists – success that’s reflected in the track record of our individual client portfolios.


Option strategies enable us to establish attractive entry points on a particular stock, dollar cost average down, and institute profit taking at opportunistic times.  Other times, the right option strategy calls for insuring portfolios against a potential market disaster.  Layering on a protective put is a tax-efficient strategy designed to mitigate volatility without making drastic changes to the overall portfolio.


We base investment decisions on sound financial analysis, reliable fundamental data, and quantitative stock selection techniques. The need for independent research has never been greater as recent market events have highlighted the significant risks that investors are exposed to. We work on behalf of our clients with the belief that there are attractive returns for those willing to dig deep enough to find them.