Since 2010, Frontwater Capital has teamed up with GICdirect to provide its High Net Worth clientele some of the highest GIC rates that the market has to offer. We understand that an effective financial strategy involves maximizing your earnings while balancing the need for liquidity – and a GIC is an excellent way to accomplish this goal. Like most investments: dig deep, do your research, and you will find ways to maximize your interest and make every dollar count.


Why Our Rates Are Higher

At Frontwater we deal with 30 different financial institutions seeking out the best rate on a daily basis. We have no affiliation with any of these institutions.  Hence, our loyalty is to our client and our mission is to negotiate the highest yield.  Best of all, this is a NO FEE service as we are compensated through our broker network.


Tips and Strategies for Getting the Best Return on Your GICs

If you’re going to invest in GICs, you’ll naturally want to earn the highest rates possible. So what can you do to juice up the return on your cash? There are many financial institutions within Canada that offer GICs hand in hand with deposit insurance guarantees.


These institutions are held to strict regulatory and capital requirements. They are able to offer higher rates due to their efficiencies, and lower overhead costs. Most importantly, the investor can sleep soundly knowing that their GICs are protected by any number of insurance agencies in the country including CDIC, CUDIC, DGCM, CUDGC, etc.


Why The “Ladder” Strategy Often Make Sense

“Laddering” means dividing up your money equally into GICs with terms of one through five years. It is a great way to balance your need for liquidity while maximizing your earnings for a variety of reasons.


First, in an "upward sloping yield curve" environment, the long term investor receives a premium for investing for a longer period out.   In a normal interest rate environment, a 5 year GIC will pay a substantial premium to the short term 1 year GIC.


Second, each year that a certificate matures, investors can use the cash as they see fit OR  roll the maturing money into a new 5-year certificate. If interest rates rise, the investor benefits by having invested the new funds at the higher rate. If neither rates nor the yield curve change, by investing at the five year rate, the investor continues to receive a premium over short term rates .


Finally, If rates fall, investors will be forced to reinvest at the lower rate but have hedged their risk because the non-maturing funds continue to earn interest at the previously negotiated higher rate.

Minimum GIC Investment $100,000





Principal and Interest Guaranteed

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